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Thread: Another Dust Deputy Install

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    Another Dust Deputy Install

    No real fan fare here. No good installation tricks for those of you who drag your vacs around. I have a couple vacs (down from 3); the main vac is centered on a long wall. When I bought the vac I bought a 25' large diameter hose and smaller whips to feed tools or provide extra reach as required.

    At any rate the install was kinda boring as I had a 5gal. seperator in position so I really just swapped buckets. If the hose supplied had been twice as long I could have done this a little cleaner. I need some 2-1/2" hose for my other vac area so I'll watch for a sale and then tidy this up at the same time.
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    Your gonna wonder how you ever got along without one. I know I sure do. After I made my cyclone seperator for mine I found myself still checking the filter and am just now getting out of the habit of doing that.

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    Nuther Dust Deputy Install

    Just a coincidence, but right after i read this post I received the the latest issue of ShopNotes ( Vol 19 issue 109 ). The back cover shows a picture of the Dust Deputy on a portable cart. Page 36 shows the design and plans for same.

    I recently purchased one. I have a disk/belt sander, and a oscillating spindle sander with separate blast gates hooked up to it and I love it. Has really convinced me if I were able to setup a central dust collection system it would be a cyclone.

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    One of the best things I've purchased for my shop lately.
    I especially like it for sanding. I attach my PC RO sander to it and get almost "0" dust.
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    Glenn, Thanks for the pics. I just bought a DD and need to get out there and set it up. From all that I have read it will be money well spent.

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