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Thread: What is Your Favorite Table Top Finish?

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    What is Your Favorite Table Top Finish?

    Oy Vey! So many choices.
    I am currently using Pre-Cat lacquer for table tops. I am thinking of going to Conversion Varnish or Post-Cat Lacquer for a more durable finish. I have friends also in the business suggesting I go backwards and go back to Nitrocellulose lacquer.
    I have 2 suppliers telling me to stick with the Pre-cat, one telling me to go Conversion Varnish and one suggesting I go back to Nitrocellulose. Each choice has it's own merits.
    The only arguments in favor of Nitrocellulose is that it is easily repaired and very user friendly. My thoughts are that I would rather use a more durable finish and not concern myself about future repairs.
    What is your favorite table top finish and why?

    Thanks in advance

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    on my dining table, i was advised to use pre cat or conversion varnish. went with pre cat and its holding up well now for nearly a year of constant use. i was told that conversion varnish was better but harder to use.
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