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Thread: Cross and Dove Combo !

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    Cross and Dove Combo !

    I made this for my wife before Christmas and thought that I would share it with you . The cross is of Walnut and of course the Dove and stand is Oak , the cross pattern was taken from another cross from overseas and the Dove was a Christmas Ornament that was blown up > I just added them both together and I thought that it would be a good combo together . Any comments welcome ..........Marshall
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    Nice looking gift.

    Is that a lacquer finish?

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    The finish is High gloss Polyurethane , from a spray can . I use a lot out of cans on my projects ..........
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    I like it a lot. Beautiful in it's simplicity...and carries the beauty of the message as well.


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    Very nice Marshall. Once again well done.

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    Very nice
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