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Thread: Vacuum Chucking

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    Vacuum Chucking

    Has anyone have any input or used this Vacuum pump or used it for reverse chucking.? It's on sale at Harbor Freight, not much off but better than none at all. It's a US General 2.5 vacuum Pump.Your comments greatly appreciated.:
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    Vacuum Chucking

    Hi John. sending P/M.

    Aloha, Tony
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    I hope they are OK I bought one awhile back but havent had a chance use it yet.

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    I've seen folks mill aluminum with nothing but a shopvac (running continuously) to hold it in place. I'm not sure how you'd do this with a spinning lathe, but it does seem to work well.

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    Check out this you tube video by Bob Hamilton. About how he uses his shop vac as a chucking method. He's a valued member of WR Vaughn & Stu also know him.

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    There are several people that have that pump and say that it works fine. I would prefer a little extra CFM but it might work just fine.

    A Vacuum can work pretty well. You just have to have a larger chuck and a good seal because the Shop Vac does not pull as much vacuum and it leaks quite a bit. The adapter that Nova sold was always intended for a shop vac. Also with most vacuums you need some sort of bypass air or you will burn up the unit. I think you can get by without bypass air on the Festool and Fein vacuums because their motors are not cooled the same way but I would check with the manufacture before you do that.

    Good Luck

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