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Thread: Christmas Bottlestoppers

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    Christmas Bottlestoppers

    A co-worker asked me to turn some bottle stoppers for Christmas, so this is what I turned while waiting for the lacquer to cure on some peppermills.

    From left to right: Curly Western Maple, Spalted Sweet Gum, Purpleheart/Maple/Veneer, Sweet Gum, Cocobolo, Spalted Sweet Gum, and Koa.

    They are all finished with Deft rattle can lacquer, Beall buffed and finished with Ren wax.

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    Great work there... are those Ruth Niles's SS stoppers or the ones from CSUSA?

    I like the brushed finish on the metal parts...
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    All look like winner to me!
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    Neat. I like them all but the maple on the left the most.
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