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Thread: 2010 Wish List

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    2010 Wish List

    With 010, (just can't bring myself to say 10), just around the corner, I figured I would ask a question.

    What are you hopes/ goals/ purchases for 010? Shop wise answers please, we all want good health and peace on earth.

    In no order, I am looking for:
    good set of chisels
    drill press G7943
    Jet drum sander 10-20
    dovetail jig(?)
    remote start for dust collection
    DeWalt 788 scroll saw
    better shop vac hose

    To build:
    Router table like Norms or close
    a good crosscut sled
    finish up my air cleaner in shop

    use the biscuit jointer better, handy for alignment
    SketchUp better

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    I don't know that they are in the plans just yet but,

    I would like a good drum sander... like the looks of the Jet.
    a Collet chuck (that is in the plans... not sure when)
    a riser for the bandsaw... you know the saying 6" just isn't enough
    (to cut bowl blanks)
    Thinking about one of those carbide C1 or C2 gouges.. they look handy.
    I have a good scroll saw, but need to fix it.. slow speed is faster than high speed...
    Maybe a good tool sharpening system..
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    There are a few items that I want but don't know the order in which to purchase.
    Jet durm sander 10-20 or the 16-32
    Jointer (Woodsmith has a reconned DJ20 for $800)
    Need to build:
    doors and drawer fronts for the shop cabinets
    air cleaner (I have all the parts)
    table for the luchbox planer (tired of picking it up)
    cabinet for my spindle/belt sander
    down draft table

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    Wow. Lots to think about. Other than a surprise or two on the personal side for 2010, I think some of the following might also happen:

    • New 8" jointer
    • build router table for the new router and lift I purchased
    • finish my bedroom built-ins that I started 7 years ago (after all, I might want to sell the house in the spring of 2011)
    • entertainment cabinet for my flat screen and matching end tables
    • I have several pieces to build for church this year, 3 tables to start
    • I promised my daughter a bedroom set as a wedding gift
    • Lots of updates on the house - including gut and redo the master bath, new cabinets in the kitchen (just install, not build), new vanity in the main bath, and maybe the dreaded pink fireplace will finally meet its demise.

    Wow, I better get started first think tomorrow morning!
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    My wish list is really short , Kind of like to have a Jim-Dandy ez-lift for my Dewalt # 788 scrollsaw . But most of all to have more time to spend in the shop and I guess just to be healthy in 2010 and to turn out a heck of a lot more scrolling projects than I did in 2009............
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    I feel a shop re-org coming on. Things have been getting a little crowded with the addition of the spindle sander and the scroll saw. Doesn't sound like much but I was in a tight fit before and both have a large footprint. I think if I do an overhead diagram review I'll find some space that I'm missing while standing in the middle of the room.

    Oh yeah, more wood . . . . I may have to man-up and pick up a large stack. Walnut has been going for $6 - $7 a bf around here and its killing me.
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    Mostly boys toys that probably don't make sense for someone my age. Plus a pipe dream.
    New truck, new ATV, motorcycle, fishing boat, new camper trailer.
    Sure would like to win the lotto to supplement my SS. (that's the pipe dream)
    Successful shoulder surgery.
    A bowl gouge that works.

    Seriously, just another year of health and happiness and, most especially, same for my children and grands.
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    My wish list is pretty short.

    * More time to spend in the shop, but I'll be happy if I can just finish off a few projects.

    One of my new years resolutions is no new projects at all until I finish off what I've already started...
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    #1 is to build a mobile base for the new saw. I need to order some supplies to build it.
    #2 would be the hood for the SCMS/RAS center in the multifunction cabinets
    #3 is to build some more of the accessories for the multifunction cabinets.

    #1 new item will be long rails for my Biese fence since I found out the Griz rails won't be easy to move to the right.
    #2 item to purchase this year for the shop would be an OSS, probably the little Ridgid unit will do what I need.
    #3?? Probably wood and start building something...anything. Jim.
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    I'd like some more clients.

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