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Thread: Portable chop saw stand

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    Portable chop saw stand

    Well, here is my design and creation. Norm Abram I'm not LOL Being retired and picking up odd jobs I use my chop saw a lot and needed a stand that was portable. Yes I could have went out and bought one but this was a lot of fun and the thought of having that money in my pocket was a nice feeling. Not only that but it got rid of junk I had laying around. Before I get lots of comments about strength it isn't intended for rough construction, mainly trim work etc. First photo is ready for transport, 2nd is used on a table top or tailgate, 3rd is ready to work.
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    Nice design Virgil. Are the "wings" hinged? Looks like it will save a lot of bending over to make cuts.

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    Thank you Darren, Yes I used part of an old guard off of a junked machine and used two different diameters of pipe to make the hinges. Only thing I did buy was the black paint everything else was laying around the shop.

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    Very slick. I like the way it folds together for transport. I always admire the use of "previously owned" items as opposed to sending them off to the landfill. If you did have the need to lay a heavier load on it you could add an 'X' of chain hooked to holes in the legs to help keep them from splaying. Really ingenious work. Takes up less room than my store-bought one .
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    Now thats slick .

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    well done ,, and good use of left overs!!
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    Thanks fellow woodworkers, I thought about the chain and the way I built the legs are pretty strong the only ones that worry me are the extension wings. I was hopping just to be able to drill holes through the hinges and use a pin to hold up the extension wings but it just wasn't strong enough to even support itself so my only other option was to go with telescoping legs that was short enough to fold up and be light. I used 3/4" and 1/2" conduit I'm sure I could cut 2 x 6's on it and it would support it but for continue useage like in framing I'm afraid it would take a beating. If I would have made them out of black pipe like I did the legs it would have just added to the weight.

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    That is really cool!! Great portable design
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    Very neat design and efficient!!! Great job on your build with materials for a job needed done.

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