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Thread: Screw stripped from cabinet

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    Screw stripped from cabinet

    Wife just finished painting her kitchen cabinets (notice I said hers). I found today when putting on the last of the doors back on, one of them the screws have stripped out of the face of the cabinet for the hinges. Needless to say door won't stay on. Only fix I can come up with is drill the holes out larger to glue in some dowels or golf tees for that matter and re-drill the holes to fit the screws. Any one have a better idea?

    Also have another question not pertaining to this i will wait till I get this fixed to ask.

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    Gluing in a dowel or tee will probably work. However, the screw is then going into end grain. Not the strongest situation. Better is to drill from the edge and glue a dowel at 90 deg. to the old screw hole. Then the screw goes into cross grain. Much stronger.

    Good luck,

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    Bob is correct but, if it is just one screw I frequently just glue in a small piece of hardwood (like a big sliver) with a high solids wood glue, wait 24hrs and re-drill.
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    Hello Dustin,

    If the screw is suppose to go into the face frame (not sure by your description) and then into the edge of the gable, then simply use a longer screw of the same size (diameter) and finish.

    I do this when re-hanging interior or exterior great.

    All the best

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    I use round ones. Smear some glue on a couple, shove in hole, break off flush and screw thing together.
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    drill it, dowel it, put the screws in. if the doors aren't made of lead, or you aren't planning on swinging from them, they should be ok.
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    if you use longer screws make sure they arent to long and go threw the other side dustin..seen that happen before on a "piano hinge" and several times
    wasnt me thogh, whew.. i just had done the finish work on this one that got perferorated...
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    Thanks guys should be a fast easy fix. Maybe I'll have that part done before she gets home today and put the door back on tomorrow and be done with this little project.

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    I do what Frank and John do. Never had a problem with this fix.


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