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Thread: Pictures comments & questions

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    Pictures comments & questions

    I found Office Picture Manager to be real useful and easy to get photos ready to post.

    But I do not know how to put them in text. They just appear at teh bottom is a box.

    Also, how do you edit the title of the post?

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    To edit the title to a post, edit your first post then when the edit screen appears click on Go Advanced. This will allow you to get to the part where you can edit the title. to insert the pictures in the text while you are posting the original post after you have uploaded the pictures go the the tool bar above the area where you type in the test. The clisk on the paper clip after postitioning your curser where you want to instert the picture then click on the picture you want to insert in that area. You can also do this from the advanced edit screen.
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    Thanks, Don.

    Next photo essay.

    Title changed.

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    Carol, about halfway through this tutorial there's a step-by-step showing how to include pictures as part of the text in a post. And as Don mentioned, the "Go Advanced" button will get you into a window that'll let you edit the a post's title.
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