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Thread: Looking for a piston-lift type of thing...

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    Looking for a piston-lift type of thing...

    Hey folks, just tossing around ideas here.

    Is there anything out there that works sort of like a sewing machine lift, only with a higher weight limit?

    I'm trying to think of a way to have my Delta BOSS spindle sander fit in my shop a bit better. The shop is a bit small, and a bit full, so I'm trying to figure out where to put this, so it isn't always in the way, and yet not that hard to pull out for use. I was thinking about putting it on a cart that would roll into the corner behind/beside the (floor standing) drill press. However it would need to be lower than bench height when it is packed away.

    I could build a flip-top stand for it. But the problem there is that I'd then need a drawer or some such for all the accessories, as they'd fall off of it when I flip it over.

    So I then starting looking around for other ideas. I came across a sewing machine lift on the LVT website. It looks like a neat idea; a vertical lift to bring a tool up into position for use, and then push it straight down for storage. The downside is that it costs $180 ... that's a bit rich for this purpose. And the other problem is that 40lbs is the weight limit and the Delta sander weighs in the 45lb range, according to my scale.

    Anyone got any other ideas?
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    Ive 2 ideas for you.

    1 Attach a chain to it and hoist it in the rafters
    2 Put it in a box and mail it to me and Ill store it in my shop

    but actually, could you build it into a work table or cart and have the drum stick up throught the surface. You could remove the drum when your not using it and it could give you more support for larger pieces.

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    I've got a 2' X 4' X 6' shelf that stores my chop saw, ridgid oscillating sander, metal chop saw, and a couple of other tools. Each are mounted to 5/8" mdf that slips into a single base, the rest of the time I store them on the sheving unit.

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    wait for harbor freight to put their less expensive lift table on sale for 119, or 109, take one of their 15% or 20% off one item only, combine it, and get this.Click image for larger version. 

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    I usually put it under the crosscut table from the side, so the handle doesnt interfere, but i just needed quick floor space, so I push it out of the way.
    IF I need it for another purpose, I just crank it high, slide the dewalt planer onto a rolling table and I have the lift table to use. Best 109 bucks IVe spent in a while.

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    Darren -- I've thought of that also, but that would require some definite rejigging of things in my shop.

    Allen -- I want one. What a great product! But that pesky border inbetween us is a problem for this sort of thing. I'll keep an eye out here to see if there is something equivalent.
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    hey art you might be able to get something similiar from busy bee or the equivalent to grizzly over there on your side.
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    Would an appliance lift work?

    The first one is rated at 66lbs - I think the BOSS is around 50lbs


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    That was my immediate thought - an appliance lift. They're built for KitchenAids, which're MUCH heavier than a spindle sander. Them kitchens, they got good tools sometimes.
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    Yeah, I was just looking at a Rockler catalog, a lift for the mix master. First thing came to my mind, but think I am about the third person to mention it to you.

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