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Thread: Solved the New Grinder location problem

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    Solved the New Grinder location problem

    I rebuild the end of my cut-off saw table to create a place to put my new grinder. I also added a small shelf below to hold all my sharpening stuff.

    I put my square mortiser on a out of the way storage shelf since it is rare that I use it. ( That is actually another problem ).


    AFTER Note top is wider and new shelf.

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    Looks good Bartee! Nice clean setup!

    What do you sharpen with your grinder? I don't see any fittings for a lathe tool sharpening setup (in place). I need to find a home for my grinder and get a lathe tool sharpening setup in place.

    What's in the closet to the right of the grinder? I see the 2 black star knobs and am curious. There is a PVC elbow above the grinder - is that your furnace or Dust Collection?



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    I know it is overkill, but I will be using the grinder for plane blades and chisels.

    I was very fortunate that between a spif from work and a Xmas gift card I was able to get this grinder. It is a variable speed from 1750 to 3150(?). I really wanted a slow speed grinder, so I was able to get the best of both worlds. This is a very heavy unit.

    After taking the Rob Cosman class I saw things that he did that just made sense. It looks like to the the slight hollow grind you get on a chisel makes since after you put the 2nd and 3rd bevels on the chisel.

    I am building a tool rest that will facilitate put the initial grind on plane irons and chisels.

    Rob Cosman sell the One Way tool holder just for this but it is $60 and I am having fun trying to design and build one. I will definitely post when I am done.

    The thing to the right is my Cyclone enclosesure. Click here if you want all the details.

    You can also get a feel for my shop from this album ( click )

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    That looks like a good spot for it Bartee. Room to lay items down, off to the side is strongly lacking in my current grinder spot.
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