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Thread: Suffering from withdrawal

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    Suffering from withdrawal

    Hi All

    Well with the festive season and loml being on leave i was "unplugged as we say to our kids" for the last while. Wow nearly started suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

    Give it a try sometime and see the effects. Leave the cell phone, dont turn the puter on and leave any internet accessable devices off. Tough to do in our lives nowadays. But for me it was worth it.

    Got more time in the shop and spent a great deal of quality time with the family and friends.

    Give it a try sometime and see how long you last.

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    I did it for almost two years. talking about withdraw...
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    I don't have a cell phone, my computer is the only thing I own that has internet access (what else would?). So, pulling the plug on my computer would be it for me.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Wondered what happened to you Rob. Thought maybe your canoe flipped over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    Wondered what happened to you Rob. Thought maybe your canoe flipped over
    It's not a canoe. Here's an actual unretouched photo of Rob out for a spin on the water...

    Good to see you back Rob.
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    Withdrawal from cell phone, computer, and so forth. Nope, Nein, No, withdrawal from woodworking yes, I need it, I've been away from the shop for about a month or two making that darn fence, fixing things and so forth, and I do miss working in my started projects.

    I don't know about you, but it takes me some time to get into the "project mood" if I have left it for more than a week or two. Thoughts like " What I was going to do next?" and how on earth I figured out how I was doing to do it and don't remember come to my mind. Somewhat is like starting a cold engine after having been kept in a barn for a year.

    Good to see you back Rob.
    Best regards,

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