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Thread: How does this happen???????

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    How does this happen???????

    How is it that all but one of my razor knifes are on my bench. Should be 2 here and the rest between the truck and the trailer.
    For bonce points tell my how it is with that many knifes on the bench when I need one I can't find one?
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    When you need one = 0!

    Hey, that's some consistency you've got going there. I've only got two of the grey handled ones and for some stupid reason I bought two more snap off at a time types the other day. I had the blades for one knife, and the first one I bought was the wrong size!
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    it's the universal law of inverse proportionality. works at banks, post offices, and work benches. the longer the line, the fewer windows open, or, the greater the need of a knife, none to be found. but if you don't need one, you're tripping all over them...
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    On the other hand, if you tuck one into your back pocket for insurance' sake... you won't need one for about two weeks.
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    I have the same problem with Pencils, Tape Measures and safety glasses, I own multiples of each, and can still spend hours looking for just one!
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    I have a measuring tape hanging from the bandsaw, another from the jointer thickneser, another two from the side of my bench and another one from the side of my miter saw.

    If I'm disciplined, and when I use any of them I put it back on its place and do the same with the others it works fine.

    The problem is that I'm not that disciplined always, so I leave the bandsaw one on top of my bench, then when I'm sawing as I don't find it, I pick the one from the jointer which I leave somewhere else, then when I'm at the jointer as I don't find the jointer one I pick the one from the miter saw, so I keep misplacing them in some sort of rotational chaotic way.

    Lets face it, most woodworkers specially non professional ones lack the discipline to put a tool back on its place once used. There are exceptions of course but they do nothing but confirm the rule
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    paint one a bright color, then write on it shop only and find a home for it that you will always look for it in. and every so often take ten mins to put away some of your tools from the previous excursion you were involved in. that way you will become acclimated to where it it is to be when not in use.
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    [QUOTE=larry merlau;every so often take ten mins to put away some of your tools from the previous excursion you were involved in. that way you will become acclimated to where it it is to be when not in use.[/QUOTE]

    Sounds like a New Years Resolution I (and others) need to make....(and as usual Break)....

    I really do try to keep to keep this one, really I do...

    As for the knives, I got the folding pocket razor knife and keep on in my shop apron pocket, and another in the truck for excursions.

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    Well this picture i will be making a copy of showing it to LOML who keeps asking why i have two tapes knives etc.

    Toni just a warning there on the tape measures. I have found errors in my work due to useing tape measures from different manufacturers. Seems not all are the same level of accuracy. But i guess rough cutting to size it dont matter.

    Wow Chuck i dont feel bad or guilty anymore but.....then i dont make my living the way you do so i could understand you having many more than me.

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    I have the same problem, to a greater or lesser degree with almost every small tool in my shop. I'm always amazed how I can lose something when there's really only a few places that it can be.
    As a corollary to this, how is it possible to look right at the lost item & not see it. I've thought when that happens that I could paint the item blaze orange (or something similar) but as often as it happens, every tool in the shop would be orange in no time...and how would that solve anything...I'd have to start over in another color...and so on...
    And then there's pencils...hoo boy, don't even get me started. I should just buy stock in a pencil company to offset my losses.
    However, and this is the only thing of any value to my ramblings here this morning, I read a while back in an older issue of fine woodworking that using a good grade of pencil makes a difference & so I bought a pack of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils & found that they definitely work better than the "find 'em where you can" pencils. Also, the erasers don't dry up like the others.
    Just remember to buy enough, because they seem to get lost just as often as the others.

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