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Thread: table saw dust collection!!!!

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    table saw dust collection!!!!

    ok, how is your table saw dust collection? if you use a zero clearance insert, how does the DC do its job? i was recently doing a fair amount of riping of some oak stock and i had more on the table then out the bottom into the DC. no i dont use a over head scoop. so without the over head scoop how does yours perform? i am contemplating making a scoop for all of the scoops and those without scoops speak up and show some pics if you have them..i am gettun tired of sweeping the floor and dusting the rails to see the numbers for the next cut
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    This is a great question Larry cant wait to see some answers as I don't Know

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    Obviously an overhead guard with dust collection will help with most of that, but I believe the new Sawstop also uses a shroud around the blade beneath the table top to keep the dust from being thrown out the top. What about a homemade shroud? How feasible is that?

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    Larry great question, I am anxiously waiting to see what is provided. Once I have time to gather the statistics on the table saw outfeed table, build one, this will be the next step in my adventure. So, .

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    I have no dust collection system per se on my table saw. I have Zero Clearance Inserts for all of my blades and I buils a box (drawer) that slides on the floor under my table saw. Between the ZCI's, the pegboard skirting and the box on the floor, I would venture to say that well over 90% of all of my table saw dust and trash is collected in the box, drawer. I do have some sawdust on the top of the saw, but it is minimal. It wasnt planned to work out this good, but it did.
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    I get very good dust and chip collection below the saw. Collection above the blade is much better since I added the TSGUARD I wrote about a while back.

    The main reason I see for excessive dust above the saw being thrown back toward the operator is slight blade-to-fence alignment causing the back of the blade to slice off a little of the wood.

    Something else just came to mind also. The gullet design might also affect how well the chips get thrown out below the table. I'm no blade engineer but I can see how some blades can retain a lot of chips until it rotates above the material, then toss them.
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    I get pretty good collection above and below. I have an overarm. I also tried a tip I read in one of the mags; make the rear 2 inches or so of your ZCI slot wider to promote airflow. It seems to help but that could be subjective. I posted it here somewhere, I'll look.
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    I have my DC connected to the bottom of my saw and it catches everything that falls under the saw... nothing on top, so I get quite a bit of throw back on the top... hadn't thought about a top catcher... may have to give that some thought too.
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    I have the DC connected to the bottom but nothing on top and I get a lot of stuff comming off the blade even with the ZCI. When I use the dado set it's even worse. Since I don't use a guard.. I have no way to collect it on top.
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    my 3660 had a 2.5 inch port underneath, which I have running into a 4 inch collection hose. Eh, gets alot, but still have to sweep.
    I cut a dime size hole at the end of my zero clearance plates, I dont get as much dust kicking back into my face, or at least I think I dont.

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