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Thread: My son's bed

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    My son's bed

    This is the first project I have done that included turnings. My son moved up from a crib to a toddler bed, and I designed the frame around a crib-sized mattress. The construction is of pine and poplar with a milk paint and BLO finish which came out with a bit of a distressed look.

    Here it is before painting and before the slats were installed:

    Thanks for looking,


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    Super job Jamey, I think the little guy likes it to.
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    Nicely done. Congrats!

    One question - how did you determine the height of the frame? Seems higher than normal.
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    Looks great! I like the color. How did you attach the rails?

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    The frame height was based somewhat on the plan I used from an old Fine Woodworking article. I adjusted the plan in the article to scale the bed down to the toddler size. I kept it a bit high so we could use the storage space under the bed. We put some cushions down next to the bed until my son stopped falling out (which he did surprisingly infrequently).

    The rails are attached using bed rail mortised plates like you can get at Woodcraft. They seem to be pretty strong. My wife, son and I have all been in there at once, and there are no strength issues.


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    either its strong or?

    your a small family i got a bed to make later on jamie so i will have to see if can get some pointers from you on those hookups. and slat setup. another good piece and i can see hes got his dads grin but his moms good looks
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    If your shop were bigger you could do a full size bed.

    Bed looks nice Jamey

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    I still have the plan, so let me know when you plan on making one and I can give them to you. I might even have them electronically, so I will have to dig and see what I can find.



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