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Thread: 15 degrees, 15 minute project, clock

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    15 degrees, 15 minute project, clock

    I let the wipe on poly dry in the house while I painted.(Uh, painting, uh, uh, uh)
    The garage is awful cold to do any work.
    Mahogany, miscut from staircase. The ogee bit was already in the router table from staircase.(6 inch square)
    The clock face and mechanism came from Michaels Craft store, happenned to be there this past weekend.
    It aint no bedroom set, but I really miss woodworking, especially since I started painting.
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    Cool project and a great use of scrap.
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    What time is it?

    That'll do nicely Allen.
    Don Orr

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    you did good allen, fighting off sawdust withdrawl is no fun...
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    Nice looking clock Allen!

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    Hey thats a fine clock there Allen you wanna see what i have for a clock. I am embarresed to say.

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    YUR hooked real deep allen you aint gonna get off the hook now
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    That's a 60 minute project. I can see 'em from here.

    Looks great for a coffee break project.
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