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Thread: You want some tools?

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    You want some tools?

    So the other night a family friend asks me if I want an old table saw. Naturally I offer to come and look at it. Well he calls me and says come and get the stuff. Stuff? Man we got 4-6 inches of snow coming, I can't unload stuff tonight. Well off I go, now or never. Get to his house and down in the basement we go. Here is what he GAVE me. Some good, some well you tell me.

    Homier brand 6" needs new blades for sure. Will give to my brother in law, if I can get it to work.

    Rockwell/ Delta wired for 220. What am I going to do with this? At least all the parts are there.

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    Now for Larry's favorite part, the "Vortex".

    Rockwell 46010. anybody know anything about this lathe? Know where I can get a manual?

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    Nice haul
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    Congrats on the goodies. The jointer looks like it should clean up nicely...same with the saw.

    The lathe looks like it might be some work. Looks like the tool rest is broken. Those can be bought or made pretty easily. It also looks like it doesn't have a Morse taper on the spindle or the tailstock, so it might be tricky finding parts that will attach to it. (I do see you also got a drill chuck to go with it, though.) It'll probably work fine for spindle turning, but it might be hard to equip for bowls and such. Still, it could be enough to get someone sucked into the vortex.
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    Congratulations for the haul, now your friend is happy, you are happy, your brother will be happy so what else can you ask for?.

    [QUOTE=Steve Southwood;198340
    Rockwell/ Delta wired for 220. What am I going to do with this? At least all the parts are there.[/QUOTE]

    You can change the motor if the rest of the parts are OK, or you can send it over here, we have 220V single phase in Spain
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    Nice haul. All useable to some extent.
    Clean up and sell what you can't use.
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    Hi Steve. While searching the net for info on my Rockwell 46010 lathe, I came across this post.
    Did you ever find any info on this? I found a parts list but no manual. I did get a live center for the tailshaft.
    Here is a pic of mine when I got it last year.

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    The jointer looks like a prety good example of what Tom B. was looking at last week. His was in horrible shape, though, and that one will clean up nicely.

    The old tablesaw would make a really nice 'dedicated dado' saw, too.

    Dunno on the lathe - maybe ship it off to Larry?
    Jim D.
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    I've got a small tablesaw like that up over the top of a cabinet. Grandpa bought it new and it is better made than many such saws today. I keep threatening to build it into an outfeed table, fixed at 90* with the motor mounted below, to use as a crosscut station. Still hasn't happened but, I haven't rebuilt the outfeed yet either so, there is still hope.
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    nice haul for sure steve,, and you need to just pitch that spinny thing dont get any more exposure to it,, let someone else OTHER than ME jim deal with it
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