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Thread: Shed Doors designs

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    Shed Doors designs

    I am in the process of redoing my shop. As a result I decided to build a shed to store my John Deere and all the lawn and garden equipment so the shop could be dedicated to just woodworking and work on my motorcycle. The shed is about finished and I have an opening for the shed double doors that is about 6'x7'.

    I have been searching for good door designs and inspiration and I thought ya'll may have some good ideas. I like the "barn style" with the crisscross X's but the more designs I can see the more likely I can find a design I really like.

    The shed has a Green Ondura Roof, Hunter Green Trim and honey pine t1-11 siding. It matches the shop.

    Thanks for your input and let the pictures flow.

    My daughter currently has my camera but as soon as I get it back I will post pictures of the project.

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    Hey welcome to the family. I am sure that there will be a bunch of suggestions.
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    Welcome Joe !

    When I built my shed a few years ago I matched it to my style home. Gambrel Style. Basically because you can see the shed as you come up my driveway so I wanted it to look similar and not stick out. I made the double doors similar to barn style dutch doors. Made to appear as if the top and bottom could open separately. I guess your style would depend on you own personal aesthetics. The barn style is pretty durable though.
    Make sure you keep us informed of your ideas and progress
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    Welcome to the family Joe. Barn style doors are always good, even if they are fake! Be interested to see your shed and shop.

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    Welcome to the family Joe!

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    are the doors swingers or sliders?
    weight is a big issue if you`re gonna hinge `em.
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    The doors will be swing doors. I purchased some big black hinges that should do the job.

    Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I have been lurking for a while and I have learned that there are some good folks here.

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    Here is a photo of my Garage Doors I built.

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    Hiya, Joe! Good to meet you!

    A few things you'll want to consider. First, a full crossbuck isn't typically as strong as a half-crossbuck, with only one diagonal per door, that one running from the upper hinge to the lower door latch edge. Run the diagonal the other way & weight will try to pull the door apart.

    Second... if you use T&G boards to build your door, PLEASE leave enough room for each board to expand with the weather! Can't tell ya how many doors I've seen that bow in & out with weather changes.

    Third... seal everything like your life depends upon it. Pay extra attention to the top & bottom edges of the doors, where water is most likely to get inside the wood.

    Fourth... provide some means of opening the closed & latched door FROM INSIDE. As an alternative, at least provide for a window that can be opened for emergency escape.
    -- Tim --

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    Thanks Tim, I have to say I had not even considered your last point. As soon as I read that I leaned back in my chair and had a vision of me walking into the shed to get a rake or something and the wind blowing the doors shut and the latch locking. It would be a long time before the wife would even think to look for me in the shed.

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