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Thread: I'm going to vent , I hope I don't

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    I'm going to vent , I hope I don't

    step on someones fragile toe's.

    Been in the strip tank room all morning. I have a kitchen job to refinish and half the cabinets are new and half are old. Approx. 57 openings. The old half is regular varnish finish, know where I'm going yet.......... the new stuff is conversion varnish ! looks like plastic it's is the devil to strip. leaves a white film on the strip piece and causes undue waist of stripper and time for the next guy down the line just so the person using it can cut corners and get a job done quick !

    I hope none of you are using it and if you are

    PLEASE STOP consider the next person down the line to come in and work on your work.

    Thank You.
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    I haven't used conversion varnish. Is it a problem only when you want to remove it?
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    Wat is conversion varnish?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Wat is conversion varnish? - this will give you some insight on it frank, basically its a precat type of varnish that is ver wear restiant but it isnt very repairable,
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    I sprayed alot of it at one shop I worked at. One hour after it was sprayed you could lay a rag soaked in lacquer thinner on it and it would even touch it. Very tempermental as far as recoat times also. If you didn't recoat it in the first hour you had to wait 48 hours and if you had to sand out any dust or runs you were better of waiting to recoat.

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    i stick to nitrocellouse for a reason
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    I do not know how it is called here, but I've seen it peeling off as if it was a sheet of transparent autoadhesive film. Maybe it wasn't properly applied

    Never tried it and don't think I will for the moment being.
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    Anything that peels off like that has to have had a problem with a contaminant on the surface.

    I got a table in yesterday that is partial board lots of marquetry and Conversion varnish, I wet sanded with 220 then 600, just for my appeasement I sealed the table 1st before applying a top coat of Mag Na max Pre Cat. You can alway add a less harder finish over a harder finish but not vice versa.

    Do a search on Conversion Varnish vs Pre Cat Lacquer

    Check this site out :
    I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
    ::: Andrew Wyeth :::

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