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Thread: I'm still alive

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    I'm still alive

    You can't get rid of me that easy. Just been real busy lately.

    Taking on a new job doing tractor restoration for a collector with more money than brains.
    Working out a deal with a friend, using his shop. I'll do the mechanical and he is going to do the paint work. He all ready does the paint work on the guys trucks. He has two in there now. A 1974 A model Kenworth and an older Brockway Snow plow truck that came out of New York.

    Thens there been outdoor boiler project 2.0. Got it built and installed, working on Ver 2.1 now. since I discovered some design flaws that reared their ugly head after it was in operation.

    Of course we had wheat to get planted, and theres always firewood to cut.
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    Glad to see you around. Ya got a lot to catch up on.
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    yup robert your way behind and i hope you do better on the bearings this time duck and run fast before mad hen gets me
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