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Thread: Outdoor boiler 2.0

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    Outdoor boiler 2.0

    Some of you probably remember a few years ago I built an outdoor boiler, in a hurry.

    Well what seemed like a big enough firebox at the time proved to be to small. Not encasing the whole firebox led to cracks developing at the rear of the firebox last year. It kept me warm for 3 winters but it was time for a change. The old one was just two cylinders one inside the other with water around the perimeter. The fire box was only 22 in in dia and 32 in deep.

    Ver 2.0
    fire box is 36X36X50. Now I can cut 24in firewood instead of 16in.
    The outer tank is 48X48X64. with water around the whole firebox, Even the door has water in it. Plus the pump, plumbing fan and all the controls are on the backside for easy access.

    I all ready have some design flaws. I need to lower the suction tubes. Currently there is only about 4 inches of water on top of them. It's way to easy to boil of that much water and they suck air. not a good thing. And My door doesn't seal up the way I want it to.

    I've also come up with a design to automatically keep the tank full.

    So far its way better than Ver 1.0. It only needs fixed once every 36 hours, oh though I have been fixing it every 24. I can burn larger diameter wood. Before I split everything 4 inches and above. Now I'm burning 10 inch stuff without splitting it. 6 inch and smaller I'm cutting 48 inches long.
    Bigger pieces = less time cutting and splitting.
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    I bought a Central Boiler outdoor boiler I guess about ten years ago. One of the smartest investments I have ever made.

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    Looking good Robert, looks like it will last a while.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    I bought a Central Boiler outdoor boiler I guess about ten years ago. One of the smartest investments I have ever made.
    My wife's grand parents have one also. They heat the house, and the hot water using it. During the summer, her grandfather pipes cold water from a spring through the baseboards for cooling the house.

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