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Thread: Things happen in three's

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    Things happen in three's

    You know how they say things happen in three's. Well my fil passed away christmas eve, loml had some health problems that I hope have been taken care of and I was just layed off today. Don't know what to think yet as I don't think it's hit me yet. I might have some side work lined up but will find out more this weekend. One good thing is that I don't have that 200 mile drive everyday for work.

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    Well lets hope the bad 3 are gone and now the good 3 comes quickly. Sorry about the bad news and hope it turns out for the better. 200 miles a day I can't even imagine paying for the gas

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    Thats the part thats going to suck Tom. I didn't have to pay for gas.

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    Rotten news Alan. Here's to wishing you a turn in fortunes ASAP.

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    I hope things start looking up for you soon Alan.


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    Sorry to hear about that, Keep your chin up and good luck on the search.
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    Sorry about that Alan. Take a little time and think things over. It helps.

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    I guess the good news is that now your due for an upturn.

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    Dang Allen, sorry to hear of all three issues. Onward ho, man.
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    hey alan, now you can devote your time off to the kitchen cabs dont look at as bad thing, look at the positive side. and come spring when things pick up you will be back right and hope your better half come threw in flying colors.. keep yur chin up my friend
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