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Thread: Desert Ironwood SHF

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    Desert Ironwood SHF

    Bet your wondering what SHF is, why, it's semi-hollow form. Didn't think this rated the more exclusive HF designation. Anyhow, about 8"wide by 6" high, The design was driven by my desire to expose the most heartwood while still keeping the sapwood and a natural lip. It came out with a kind of organic an onion. I had the blank laying around for quite a while, but had been putting off dealing with it's nasty dust till now. More worm holes in the sapwood than I expected, but I guess it kind of adds to it's organicness,..that's a word isn't it?
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    Dang Barry, you're cranking out some nice stuff lately. This one's no exception. Great wood, great form, great use of the blank, and a great finish.
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    That looks Great Barry you done a fine job of bringing the best out of that piece of wood.

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    Fine looking piece Barry. Really nice form and finish.
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    Very nice!
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    Gorgeous SHF! The onion bulb shape maximizes the display of the natural beauty of the wood! Well done Sir!

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    That is so nice in every way Barry Ironwood is such great wood

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    very nice barry,, just outa curiosity what is the normal size of those trees before they die?
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    What beautiful wood. I like the shape (I think they call them open form when the hole is that big) that you have made, works well with the wood.


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    really nice piece

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