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Thread: Boring a deep hole for hollowing

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    Boring a deep hole for hollowing

    I made a vessel today and used a long auger bit to bore the center out before hollowing. I noticed that it wobbled and im sure traveled as it bore down to the depth i wanted (see Pic below). I found it really didnt matter and i still was able to hog out just as well. Wondering what others are doing when having to hollow deep. Comments ??
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    Boring a deep hole for hollowing


    I'm thinking that the long shank on your drill contributed to the movement of the drill. A shorter drill would help control that better. I use a Forstner bit or a spade bit to drill out hollows.

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    I also use a Forstner or spade bit for that type of thing. I've got an 8" extension for the Forstner bits, and even with just that much extra length, I get some degree of wobble. Still, nothing that I can't even up once I start turning.
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    I use my hollowing tools. I used to drill but found it was not need. I watched David Ellsworth hollow without drilling and after watching him do it I found I didn't need to. I use Ellsworth tools on smaller pieces and tools made for me by a special friend in southern California for the bigger pieces.
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    I just use a long bradpoint bit in a handheld chuck. The torque isn't great enough that it's even really very uncomfortable to hold the chuck. You can get a decent 3/8" to 1/2" bradpoint very easily in 6", 12", and 18" lengths. The shorter the bit, the easier it is to control it.
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    An extension that long is bound to wobble.
    It might help if you put the tool rest on the shank about half way.
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    I use this auger I got from Amazon for about 20 bucks, it's a Bosch, don't know if they still have them or not. It's 1.5" x 17". It hogs through endgrain with ease. In fact, I had to dull the threaded pilot point cause it was self feeding to agressively. It will sometimes track off center a bit, but not enough to be a problem. I know a lot of pros don't bother to drill a hole, but my tools are big and crude and homemade, I need the room, and the assist
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    I have an old style brace and bit type of bit about 3/8" and about 10 or 12 inches long that I've put a handle on so I can just hold it by hand and that's what I use... I don't usually have quite as deep hollow forms as yours though...
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    I use Morse taper drill bits mounted directly in the tailstock. No fuss, no muss. Got a whole bunch on eBay a while back for about a dollar a piece. Probably a lifetime supply.
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