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Thread: Really sick!

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    Really sick!

    I never vomit -- I just keep it in--- the last time was about 1971 when I had way too much to drink at a New Year Party..

    Last night about 11:30 I woke up with really bad nausea ran to the bathroom did not make it -- bad mess on the floor.. boy I was really really sick... Happened 3 times -- back to bed and then run to the bathroom -- with diarrhea in between..

    I stayed in bed and sleep all day today.. sore belly and do not feel good -- no fever so I do not think it is the flu.
    sorry if this was too graphic....

    Sick I say sick.....
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    Did it creep up about 4 hours after eating by chance? If so, you might be looking at some food poisoning. Be sure to get lots of fluids. Get to feeling better Paul.

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    Like Darren says,

    most of the problem you are having is food poisoning. I took a food saftey course and learned way too much.

    Just drink lots of water. If you are still at it after about 12 hours go see a doc. Really!!!

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    I had salmonella one time. Really nasty. Sounds pretty similar.

    Hope you feel better soon Paul.
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    Thanks for that.
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    Lessee. salmonella, shigella, giardia, dysentery, cholera, botulism, clostridium, cryptosporidiosis, if you were in the Mediterranian I'd include brucellosis... headache? Fatigue?

    I'm thinkin' a parasite, but not necessarily.

    No fluidspew today? Just last night?
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    Sounds like food poisoning to me hope you get to feeling better soon Paul

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    fluids are important,electrolyte solutions , like the sports drinks, or gatorades. Feel better.

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    Went through the whole family last week/weekend, one person at a time. Twenty four to forty eight hours and all is good, except for feeling weak. Seems to be going around here. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    Went through the whole family last week/weekend, one person at a time. Twenty four to forty eight hours and all is good, except for feeling weak. Seems to be going around here. Sorry.
    Jonathan started it. I am spraying my putert with lysol as we spead...
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