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Thread: Big walnut vase

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    Big walnut vase

    Don't mean to pile on, but over the hollidays I had to finsh up a few projects. This is made from a piece of walnut I brought back from Missouri, taken from a downed tree in my parents yard. I't kinda special cause my parents sold the farm last summer after 55 years (where me and my 6 siblings grew up) and we moved them to a nearby town (Kirksville) for health reasons, they are 80 years old. I've brought back enough wood to make and give each bro/sis a keepsake from the "old place". This is one. It is 19" tall by10"wide, turned through the endgrain, with Bubinga on the top and bottom. I confess I had to go through the bottom to get it completely hollow, I dont have the specialized equipment to do it all through the mouth. The finish was a shellac sealer, then several coats of antique oil.
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    Now that's one great looking vase, and bigger than i'll ever try

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    Me too., or not until I get come kind of steady rest...
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    Big and beautiful. Nice finish too.

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    Beautiful piece

    That looks really great. I love the look of walnut. It will be a very long time before I could try something that large. I am sure which ever sibling gets this piece will have a family heirloom to hand on down to their child.

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    That is just absolutely gorgeous Barry What a great piece of walnut and a perfect turning with it, AWESOME What a great thing to do for your siblings

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    great work barry and the thought behind it was equally as good
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    great work barry and the thought behind it was equally as good
    Ditto. Superb form and finish, and the sentiment is golden.
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    Very nice indeed. Museum quality. You should be very proud of this piece.


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    Great looking vase. Nice form and finish. It will be a keepsake for sure.
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