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    In the next couple of months I hope to buy a new bandsaw. At this time I am looking at the Grizzly G0555 or the G0555X. Is there a lot of differance between the two. Or should I say is one worth 200.00 over the other. Anyone use them? They seem to get good reviews. It would be used for cutting bowl blanks. I would also get the riser for it.
    So which would you get?
    Also open to suggestions on other saws at same money.

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    I have the G0555X. Yes it is worth it because it has a 1 1/2 hp motor which can be wired 110/220. The extra 1/2 hp with the riser block installed makes it a great machine especially with Timberwolf blades on it.
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    Bernie can you tell me how tall the machine is with the riser? My shop is not that tall and would like to make sure it would fit.

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    Here you go it listed last in the specs.
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