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Thread: Does anyone keep jewel cases any more?

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    Question Does anyone keep jewel cases any more?

    I just upgraded to an iPhone 3Gs and am in the process of moving the bulk of my CD's over to the computer and then to the phone. I have wallets that I put my CD's in when I travel, but have a huge drawer full of CD jewel cases.

    So, to all you techies out there, do you just keep the CD and trash the case? Once my music is moved over they will only be for archive purposes, so....
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    Don't think I'm a techie but this is what I do, I toss them, just take up way too much space. All of our archiving here at work is backed up onto DVD's and put in paper sleeves and CD's at home are in wallets same as you do. Just too much space and very breakable. Too bad they are not recyclable.

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    I still have most of mine, but they are all boxed up and in storage. I pretty much ripped all mine to my server as MP3 files (about 13GB worth). I made a couple of backup DVD's of the files and also keep them on my laptop. My wife has been wanting to sell the CD's. I've been wanting to keep them for legal purposes just in case.

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    All my music CDs have been ripped to MP3 for years, but I still have all the CDs and jewel cases. Nowadays, my music purchases are via iTunes, and I miss having the liner notes and such to read. (Some artists are starting to include electronic liner notes, though.)

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