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Thread: Cocobolo H/F #2

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    Cocobolo H/F #2

    hello folks

    Here's the second form from the large piece of cocobolo i bought before xmas
    Its 6.5" tall x 5" wide with a 5/8" hollowing hole
    It's finished with lemon oil and was sanded to 1500

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    Beautiful piece of wood and very nice finish. I am not too fond of the shape though. But that is just me.

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    That's an awesome piece of wood, and you show it off nicely. The form is a bit different, but it's growing on me.
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    WOW...that is pretty!
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    That is a beauty. Really nice piece of wood. You surely did it justice.
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    Great looking HF.
    The finish really shows off the grain.
    Have to love Cocobolo.
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    Hi George,
    I love the wood on this piece... still trying to decide if I like the shape just yet, but the piece itself is fantastic... beautiful wood and great finish... and in retrospect, the shape does show off the grain of the wood... someday, I hope to be able to work through that small of an opening... haven't quite gotten there yet... I think the smalles I've had success with is about 1 1/2... it is a nice piece..
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    Thank you for all of your kind comments

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    George, that is a beauty.

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