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Thread: Maple Vanity

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    Maple Vanity

    My friend wanted a custom built vanity for a bathroom he is putting in his basement. It will be painted,but he wanted it all in maple so it will be less likely to dent. After we got the FF all ready to go we started to add the left side of cabinet.Attachment 41349
    then came the right side.
    Attachment 41350
    Now every thing is glued up on my risers sure glad I made those.
    Attachment 41351
    After adding the two center sections are in place starting to take shape
    Attachment 41352
    Decided to make the drawers from baltic birch both for sides and bottoms.
    Attachment 41353.
    Takes a little longer but makes a nice sturdy drawer.
    Attachment 41354.
    Nice assembly with two people moving quickly to keep up with the glue.
    Attachment 41354
    If you make a mistake it was part of the original plan!

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    looks great. i am sure he was very well pleased.
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