Oh boy I could be in trouble!

Actually at this point I don't have much cash because things have been pretty slow so I won't be making any major purchases in the near future. But hopefully when things turn around a bit I might have to do some ordering.

I haven't bought anything from Grizzly in quite a while so I was dropped from their mailing list. I used to get catalogs all the time but it's been a few years. Not long ago I went to their site and looked around a bit and decided to order a new catalog. I was amazed at how much bigger it is now! It used to be a nice thorough catalog but it's HUGE now compared to the ones I used to get. Lots of nice toys and such but I can't believe how much guitar stuff they have in there. I showed my son the kits and he fell in love with the Quilted Maple and Curly Maple guitar kits. I've got to admit they do look purdy! Considering that he's only been playing a little less than a year and already has an acoustic, THREE electrics, and a Bass I told him that it'll be a little while. But as soon as it's time, he can pick the one he likes and we'll build another. They're $395 but when they're done I'm sure that they would be gorgeous.

Now I've got some more good reading material for a while anyway.

Take care,