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Thread: Dowel holder

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    Dowel holder

    While cleaning today I found that my dowels had become scattered about.
    So I garbed the roll of ice and water shield that was kicking around.
    2 tossed the 1 foot piece that was left on the roll and cut a square out of it.
    3 cut a plug for one end.
    4 glued and nailed the plug in.
    5 found some wood tecs to hold it to the wall.
    6 all filled up. And yes I know the pic is sideways
    7 a quick box I made yesterday for kindling. I even put casters on it so it can be rolled over to the chop saw to be filled. If the piece does not fit in the box sideways it does not fit in the stove.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails tn_shop 004.JPG   tn_shop 005.JPG   tn_shop 006.JPG   tn_shop 007.JPG   tn_shop 008.JPG  

    tn_shop 009.JPG   tn_shop 011.JPG  
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    Cool idea with the dowels. I'll try that today myself
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    Round pegs in a round hole, makes sense to me
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