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Thread: This weekends turnings.....

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    This weekends turnings.....

    Saturday I did some "Honey Dues"....Finally got to my shop...cut some corian pen blanks; drilled and glued the barrels in.....They I played for a short period of time with the Jamieson hollowing rig. At the advice of an experienced turner....I am going to turn a couple of thin walled bowls for practice before turning my first hollow's the first's just an elder.......4 1/2" w by 1 3/4" h......2 corian manager a '95 West Point graduate got recalled to active duty. I don't have to tell you where he's going.....After conversing with a pen turner who just returned from his 2nd tour in Iraq....I turned a thin slimline....and used corian and black titanium hardware.........
    Comments and critiques welcomed!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Ken, WOW that box elder is looking good. I love that stuff. How thin are you in this picture? I am working on a hollow form and going for a fairly thin wall on it right now. Thin is my problem, I'd hate to go through so I am going slowly. You can see it in this forum in my "Projects under way" post.

    Those pens look fantastic! That black titanium is a real classy finish in my opinion and the corian is a good durable choice. He should love those pens.

    Tell him that we send our prayers for a safe return and our heartfelt thanks for doing the job he's being called on to do. I am a Viet Nam era vet and my wife was a Navy brat so we both understand what it's all about.


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    Looking good, Ken. How do you like the rig? Isn't it nice having that kind of control over the cutting tip? So far I've turned one bowl/pot and one little 4" x 3" hollow form. I'm like a kid with a new pair of skates and a new bicycle.

    Oh, and my hat's off to your manager, too. Give him thanks and wish him the best for me.
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    Mike....the walls on the bowl are 1/8-3/16".......Navy '68-76.....Vietnam era......

    Vaughn.....It was a kick to have that much control! I was shocked how realitively easy it is. I can't wait to get back to it.

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