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Thread: $10 back from Harbor Freight online

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    $10 back from Harbor Freight online

    This isn't a great deal, but at least it covers the cost of shipping for those of us either too far from a Harbor Freight for it to be practical to shop there, or who are fed up with the local store to finally order some more hole punches.

    For any order of $60 or more, enter the coupon code "421-767-96". You'll receive a $10 gift card with your order.

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    Cool, thanks
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    I got a circular today from harbor, they have the 11 piece rolling tool cabinet on sale for 149, reduced 110 bucks. If they let me use my 20 percent off one item, that will bring it down to 120, not a bad price to pay for a large rolling steel tool cabinet. I hope they have them in stock when I get down to Egg Township store next month.

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    Allen, call em and see if they'll set one aside for you.
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