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Thread: Woodworking Show, Indy

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    Woodworking Show, Indy

    Quick question regarding the Woodworking Shows. Are these shows worth going to? It would be a 3 plus hour drive, one way, to Indy. I went to one several years ago, and was not really impressed. Have the gotten any better? Plan is to go Saturday, but that is up in the air now. Let me know your thoughts. Go or save the money for other tooling and such?

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    I enjoy going to them but 3 hours? Not me.
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    Depends on your definition of "better."

    Fewer vendors because manufacturers cut their support dollars a few years ago. Leaving the shows to the local vendors who are facing higher venue costs in a depressed economy. So probably fewer of them. New vendors are out of the market altogether and have been for a number of years.

    I used to do demos and presentations at these kind of shows. The costs of have gone up, in some cases, dramatically. Fuel and transportation are high. Food and housing are up. Convention centers and hotels need to recoup higher costs so the price of the booth is up. Not to mention getting there.

    Also depends on your reasons for going. Looking for a deal; check out Amazon. Looking for new stuff, go to Atlanta or Vegas, depending on the year for the really big professional shows.

    Looking to play with or watch the demo of some toys in the flesh, meet up with friends, or take in a demo or workshop, then go. It can be fun, but only if you go for the right reasons.

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    Frankly, I am surprised they are still in business.

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    Steve, I have a 2 1/2 hour drive from my home to Indy. Lou Ann and I went I think it was four years ago to a farm show there, very disappointed. I haven't taken the time to go to the wood show based on that experience. So, nothing to add, look forward to hearing your report if you go. If it is a good one, will meet you there next year!!

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    I went to the one in Columbus last weekend - by the same show promoter - and it was actually somewhat better than in the past few years. Some good vendors, and some good seminars. I spent about an hour and a half at the show, and left about a hundred bucks there before leaving...
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    Well, we are out. Doesn't make for a good decision to drive 7 hrs, round trip. Have a bigger project in mind.

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