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Thread: After Market Miter Gauge?

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    After Market Miter Gauge?

    I am interested in your recommendations for and against the various after market miter gauges for table saws. I went to my local woodworking store and the person wasn't much help.

    If you have thoughts on such makers as Osbourne, Kreg, Incra, etc., please let me know. I have a Smart Miter sled which i like, but I think I am looking for a bit more.

    I search the archives but couldn't find a review.

    Thank you for your help!

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    You'll hear some good things here about the Incra. The responses I got some time ago lead me to get one. Having just gotten it, and not having had time to put it through its paces, I can't give a review - but I know others here will. I do know that its way better than the Rockler it replaced.
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    I have the Incra 1000SE and like it a lot. It's accurate and simple to use.


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    Many quality gauges to choose from. Make sure you are setting your expectations correctly when considering what a miter gauge will and won't do. For 45* and 90* I grab a sled before my gauge almost every time. The gauge is great for highly accurate work on smaller/lighter pieces.

    I opted for a simple Incra V-27 and added one of their fences. If I did it again I would save the money for the fence as I use a sacrificial fence more often than not. A piece of ply with a slot cut across the back and some sandpaper stuck to the face does very well.

    After using one on the table saw for years I picked one up for the router table when they were on sale awhile back. The custom fit for the miter slot is a big plus and I wanted one setup for each tool.
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    i agree with glenn ,, the sled will do more for you than a mitre guage for most applications.. actually your smartmitre you now have is very good at what it does and you could just make your slef a larger sled for alot less than a high dollar guage
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    I got the Incra 5000 Miter Guage/Sled and telescoping fence. Very easy to use and adjust. The only problem is that is overkill when cutting smaller items like pen blanks, but I liked the guage part so much that I got the Incra 1000SE and use it all the time for the small stuff.

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    As you all know, I don't do "FLAT", but I do own the Incra 5000, too.

    When I need it to be right, I put the Big Dog on the TS and go for it.

    Hasn't failed me yet, and ask Larry, I am a dummy at flat stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Shiverdecker View Post
    I am a dummy at flat stuff.

    Comon Bruce, you even own a hand plane, so when you gonna show us what you can do with it....
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    I'm wondering what a nice miter guage would do that your Jointech Smart Miter won't? If I want something accurate, I pull out my Smart Miter. If I'm doing some rough cuts, I use the factory guage supplied with my TS. It works fine for rough framing. I do have a 2' piece of straight 2 X 4 mounted to it to give me some extra control. Jim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Jones View Post
    I have the Incra 1000SE and like it a lot. It's accurate and simple to use.
    I'll echo that. I've added a baltic birch plywood sacrificial fence to mine, but it's never let me down, and been dead on since I got it. I use it much more than any of my sleds, since it's less hassle to use (for me).

    I also have a Jointech Smart Miter, and the Incra 1000SE wins hands down for both accuracy and ease of use, IMHO. The positive stops on the Jointech are not nearly as "positive" as those on the Incra. I like the Jointech for cutting larger lengths that can benefit from the sled, but for 99% of my crosscuts, the Incra fits the bill perfectly.
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