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    Bean soup Queen

    SOOOOOOOOOO while I was working on the cradel for Stacy the mother to be, Vicky, the LOML entered a soupbean cooking contest. She entered the one without meat. When she returned she had a big smile and a silver laddel to show for her troubles. She won and wanted something to hang her winnings from. She also wanted a shelf cabinet type "thinggie" for the wall in the dinning room. She had seen a Christmas present I had made my neice so I had to dig out the plans and made her one in between the cradel goings on.
    She got it made but I ran out of time before I got it hung so thats next weeks project.....thennnnnnnnn maybe I get to move some things into the other part of the shop
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg Mitchell View Post
    so I had to dig out the plans and made her one in between the cradle goings on.
    I'm amazed that some of you can turn out a project like this in a few hours or over a weekend. It takes me sooooo long to do something like this.

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    Hi Reg,
    That is a real pretty piece and from the looks of it she has room to hang the rewards from a lot more cooking contests. That should make you happy. Is that mottled glass or is that tin from say the ole pie safe era?
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    It's called "seeded glass" Robert. It has little bubbles and white spots in it. You get it at stained glass shops. Looks like the old antque glass that was hand made.
    Yes she is quiet the cook. Wanna know the winning recipe........cook the beans like you normally do without any seasoning unless you want salt. when they are finished put about 1 tbl spn of peanutbutter in them and stur till it melts. sounds crazy but its great

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    Bean soup, oohhh, (drooling), I love bean soup! Very nice piece Reg!

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