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Thread: More Model T parts

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    More Model T parts

    A while back I posted where I was workng on the wood body for a 1912 Motel T Towncar... Well, I am sill the goto for new parts... Window shades, there is a stick that fits in the bottom of the window shades for the coach. Oval shaped Maple, owner gives me sizes in thousands of inches... But I mustered up several for him...

    About 60 as he has sold several sets to go with the brass mechanisms he has machined from brass and quite impressive detail work. Here is the original we are trying to copy... The one in the back is the one we built.
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    Very cool. The project car is looking great. How did you machine the oval profile for the window shade sticks?
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    Are you turning that oval on a lathe?

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    Fairly simple process, I used a fingernail router bit. from MLCS Woodworking, mounted in a Router table.

    Feather boards and jigs, etc to feed through and keep from rolling over on the last pass. The dimensions handed to me were 0.661 X 0.320 That converts to real wood measurements of 5/8" X 11/16" or so... Sanding did the rest (I love my mouse sander for tasks lie this.
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    Bill good to hear i will tell a friend of mine that has a woody hanging from his garage wall that i have a source of spares for him if he needs em.

    This guy is a restorer of old cars but it takes him forever to do one.

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