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Thread: Shop Aprons

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    Shop Aprons

    I have a shop apron that hangs on the door to the entrance to my shop, the problem is I often walk right by it and forget to put it on. Whenb I do wear it I find it quite handy for keeping my pencils at hand as well as a place to put my tape measue, a small square etc in the pockets. This got me to thinking just how many folks out there actualy use a shop apron. So how many out there use a shop apron.
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    I voted all the time, but really "Usually" is the correct answer.

    I picked one up at a wood show 2 years ago (I helped out in a booth and it was a freebie) and became an instant convert. Like Don said, the pencil is always there, and the tape measure is always there. But also it helps keep my clothes a bit cleaner, which is nice for when I leave the shop.
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    Like Don, I walk right past mine every time I walk in the shop. BTW, I hope no one answers anaturel!
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    I don't like aprons. They seem to catch a lot of sawdust. I usually use, when I remember, is an old heavy Carhardt shirt that I cut the sleeves off of. If I keep it buttoned up it keeps most of the sawdust from following me upstairs and seeing my wife shake her fist at me after she just vacuumed.
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    daughter made me a couple and the fact of having what i need there handy is very nice and the pant legs dont get all the glue now.. also gives me aplace to shove the glasses when i am talking to someone, just havnt graduated to having string on them to dangle down on my neck. the more you use one the more you wil appreciate them.
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    I have one that was handed down and always forget to put it on. I also have a really well made safety coverall dayglo orange one that i was given brand new by a friend and forget to put it on.

    Loml would love me to use them to save my clothes. She now forbids me to go to the shop with anything but very old clothes.

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    I've got this one and it works really well. Stays off the back of your neck, doesn't make you look like you are wearing a skirt when use it with shorts in the summer

    Duluth Trading Shop Apron

    If I'm out there for a 'serious' project, I'll put it on. It keeps everything right close and handy.

    If I'm just out puttering around, It stays on the hook...
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    Some people scorn this practice, but I usually wear my carpenter's apron, Norm style. A lot of my shop jobs were, and still are, building restoration and carpentry-related, so I guess that's how the habit started. I actually can't seem to work without it, due to needing to be able to put my hands right on pencil, tape, 6" ruler, combination square etc. without searching.

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    I actually wear a blue denim one I made for myself in Home Ec in HS (hey, that was where the girls were!!) only then it covered more of me than it does now! It has no pockets, that is okay, only would fill up with shavings from the lathe. At school I wear a turners jacket.

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