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Thread: Home made handles for a cupboard

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    Home made handles for a cupboard

    Need some help and advice here.

    I got a bee in my bonnet to make some home made handles for my freebie cupboard. So i cut some scrap red oak making a large u shape handle on the band saw.
    Smoothed the edges nicely on the sander drill press attachment and then drilled holes for the inserts.

    Came to put the inserts in and the wood splits. I made anothe and increase the hole size same thing. Did it over and reduced the hole size same thing.

    Then i though dang i will cut them from Baltic birch.
    That was no better.

    So anyone got any they done themselves that they can show a quick pic of? I tried searching the forum and we mostly have wooden chisel or turning handles but finding a home made cupboard handle is not possible.

    I was using flat sawn red oak and pretty dry.

    Now i gonna try my brazzilian oak stuff i have some left over scaps from the bench and see how that does. The grain is more dense than red oak with its layers of old and new growth so i hope it will be less prone to splitting. This was meant to be a quickie project just for a bit of instant gratification but it turned into instant frustration instead. So hit me where it hurts and shoot with ideas please i am all ears.

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    I don't bother putting in inserts. I just drill and tap the holes in the wood.
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    Yep, pilot hole and screw. If you're dead set on the inserts, make the holes just slightly smaller than the insert diameter. Put the part in the vise to prevent the split, and have a go. Or, make the holes a tad bit bigger yet and epoxy the suckers in.

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    Ditto what Matt said. If you are worried about the inserts pulling out because the epoxy won't hold just carve some undercuts in the hole so the epoxy forms little "keeper ridges"

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    Sounds like great advice. Now, if you had a lathe, you could turn your knobs in just a few minutes. How many do you need, going to be in the shop tomorrow all day, while waiting for glue to dry could turn a few knobs. Need what, 8-10? PM me, be glad to do it.

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