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Thread: How do I eliminate sewerage odor?

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    How do I eliminate sewerage odor?

    I have a 2500 square foot basement space under my store.
    2 weeks ago, the main sewer line collasped of a building next to mine.
    through the 80 or so year old foundations, the sewer water that was 8 inches high next door, managed to flow into half my basement, only 1 inch or so, and its all gone, but the smell has remained.
    while the sewer water stayed stagnant, I poured some gallons of bleach as I was told to do.
    now that its all gone, whhhoooooooooooooaaaaaa, the smell is pretty bad.
    Is there a product anyone knows of I can pour onto the concrete floors that will sit there and neutralize some of the smell.
    My local hardware was no help.

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    Here allen, this might be helpful..

    also there are enzymes avaible from pet strores that might also work.
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    When my basement flooded, I was told to use Oust, which will kill the bacteria/mold and should neutralize the oders.

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    Since your neighbor's leak caused the problem, I'd call ServPro, and have them bill your neighbor's insurance company.
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    jim, I contacted my insurance agent by the second day, and she informed me I have a 500 dollar deductable, and that they would work it all out with his insurance company, but Id rather pay 50 bucks and just give someone 25 bucks to clean it up for an hour or so.

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    I don't think it is an hour job. They are going to at the least steam clean the concrete with pressurized hot water. In the barn, we use ag lime. For deoderizing, spread liberally, 1/8" thick? Nah, just where it makes the floor white.

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    The heatable portion of my shop still smells pretty bad some days, although we've owned the place for two years now. The previous owners used the building for kenneling dogs, and just washed the manure into a hole in the floor. When the draft is just right, that smell still comes up.

    It's FAR FAR better now, though, then it was when we started. I spread a lot of Rid-X on the floor, again & again, every time the floor got a little moist with condensate. When it dried out again, I hosed it down, rinsing it into that same hole so the Rid-X could work on the "stuff" down there. When it mostly got under control, I started adding sawdust to it... that assists composting. I've also taken to leaving the shop door open, every day, 24 hours.

    I'm sure the Rid-X helped more than anything except the initial pressure-washing.

    It'll be some different in your case, since it came UP through the floor of the basement. That means the stuff is everywhere in there... and it'll take a long time to dissipate. Rid-X is a good step towards that goal, but don't expect any sort of silver bullet. It's GOING to take a LONG time to completely square things away again. DO NOT accept any treatment as "complete" unless your basement has been scent-free for at least a month, during a period of high humidity. This may take a number of repeat treatments.

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    We use a product called OdoBan. We buy it by the gallon at Sam's Club. They have a Quality Assurance toll free number: 800-841-3904 9-4 EST Mon - Fri. Says it eliminates odors and kills 99.99% of germs. We think it works pretty good for dog odors. We put a cap full in most laundry loads even. With the rotation of foster dogs we get here, someone is always marking the edge of the bed. Jim.
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