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Thread: What is my little sister trying to say?

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    What is my little sister trying to say?

    I am the oldest of 6 kids.

    Music, especially rock-n-roll, has been a longtime love of mine. I played in several rock bands as a kid and loved to dance.

    Now, I'm nearly deaf....not because of the music, mind you.....

    I have problems in my back and both knees....

    My sister sends me this link.....

    What is she trying to imply?

    What is she trying to say?

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    Tell her she should have more respect for her elders..
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    that is just too funny, your lil sis has a sense of humor.

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    Ken, you were the one on the left? Correct?
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    I think you should just tell her to:
    Beat it..................
    ..................Beat it
    Beat it..................
    ..................Beat it
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