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Thread: Help needed with corner space in shop

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    Help needed with corner space in shop

    Hi All

    I need some help, right now i am struck with a dose of tunnel vision or should i call it boxed in with box vision.

    See the picture
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    I have my lathe bench against a wall as i enter the shop and there is space left over in thecorner. Next to it along the other wall i have my router table.

    What do i do to use the corner space which right now is empty. Any suggestions. Either way i see myself loosing this amount of space even if i open up he gap between the router table and the lathe bench.

    Out of the box ideas would be welcome. please.

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    Out of the box with a box? how about the smallest chest freezer you can find and convert it to be a cooler. Then you have a convenient place for cold ones.

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    put drawers i there with counter space above for the grinder which is used for sharpening tools. and the drawers under it can be for the chucks and accessiores... corners are never forgiving rob.. i learned that the hard way my self. still got some that arent right.
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    It seems a little awkward to access that space several times a day. What about a shorts/turning wood rack from floor or bench top to ceiling? If you use a plywood or pegboard side for the rack it could also double as hanging storage on the side by the lathe bench or router table depending on how you arrange it.


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    Cyclone in one corner, 1HP bagger DC in one, storage cabinet in one and water heater in the last. Can the lathe slide over a bit to allow the rolling cabinet completely in there just to open up space for moving about?
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    how about shelves, from the top of the bench, on up.
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    565 own a lathe so everything else is turning blank storage.
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    My first thought, at least for the top space, would be a place to store your turning tools. Either in the open on hangers, or in a cabinet that you could open up and have them on the wall in the cabinet, and on the door. U shaped hangers with a lip on the outside edge so they couldn't accidentally fall off. Shelves below for some turning blanks is a good idea.
    Or, you could hang your longer clamps there...I would think long ones would be the ones less often used. Jim.
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    Turn the lathe 90, and but the headstock end into the corner.

    Put the router table just to the left of where the lathe is now.

    You'll have working space in front of both of them.

    As an alternative, just get rid of the lathe. They're grossly over-rated as woodworking tools anyway...
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    What corner I don't see no corner
    I don't think this corner even exists
    Did any one see any thing but a drawing proving this corner was real?
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