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Thread: Help needed with corner space in shop

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    Hey i aint got not star says i am a sheriff. If i was i would not have NN issues. They would be in the clink.

    As for the corner whats the use of a picture of a void?? Bit like a black hole you don't see anything.

    I would gladly send my lathe to Larry but i would not want to burden or contaminate a good friends place with scrap metal. That's all it is now and when hes done with it then it would be scrap metal powder. I don't think that's fair to Randy having all that metal powder over the yard. Gotta think of the environment. I think instead i give my lathe to the NN then call the town and say hes got a business going. Scrap metal one too and there's a ton of pollution associated with it. Oh boy all this garbage an i aint even had a barley hops today .......yet.
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    hows about putting a wood storage rack in the spot?
    Make it from floor to ceiling and put shelves in it to hold your small wood cut-offs

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