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Thread: Stool for a friend

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    Stool for a friend

    Hi everyone

    Well, I finally finished finishing the stool I made for a friend for Xmas. Gave her the piece which I finished about an hour before we were to arrive for Xmas dinner. She returned it several days later for finishing, I had a beast of a time with it, shellac wouldn't set up.

    You guys set me straight, the stuff can fail in the can. So sanded it off, and started again. Three coats of shellac, sanded to 400, then many coats of wipe on poly -- I didn't count.

    I built the stool using pocket screws and miller dowels.

    And Pete Simmons was kind enough to make me some disks with my name on it with his fancy laser gizmo.

    So here are the pics

    Thanks for looking

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    Nice jay. Don't you just love it when your already under the weight of the world and that thing you hope doesn't happen seems to crop into your routine. But nice follow up, pretty piece

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    Neat project Jay - nicely done.
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