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Thread: Cleaning out the storage

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    Cleaning out the storage

    Cleaning up and putting some stuff up for sale if anyone is interested:

    Picture 1&2-- is a angle grinder - used a few times - $25.00
    Picture 3 -- Bandsaw with riser block and brand new blade, used for about 1 month and is almost brand new - $150.00
    Picture 4&5 -- Hilit Gun - $125
    Picture 6 - Jet Wet grinder - $200.00 used for less than 4 months
    Picture 7-8-9 Refrig-$100, Stove-$250 (Brand New-never used), Stackable
    washer/dryer - $400 (Brand New-Never used) - to make yourself a great workshop....LOL
    Picture 10 -Craftsman Router - $75.00

    Or will consider trading for anything of equal value

    Thanks Dan
    Southern California
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Angle-1.jpg   Angle-2.jpg   Bandsaw.jpg   Hilti-1.jpg   Hilti-2.jpg  

    Jet-Grinder.jpg   Refrig.jpg   Stove.jpg   Washer-Dryer.jpg   Router-1.jpg  

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