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Thread: TS3650 question

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    TS3650 question

    I' am thinking of changing my TS3650 table saw belt to a Power Twist link belt and I was wondering what size I would need 3/8, 1/2?

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    i am not familiar with your saw but you just match the width of what you have with the twist link one..1/2 gets a 1/2 and so on..
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    I have a TS3650, and unless you also change the pulleys, I don't think a link belt is gonna work. The factory belt is a flat ribbed belt, and the pulleys are machined specifically for that kind of belt, not for a typical V-shaped belt (which is essentially what the link belts are). And even if you could use a link belt, I don't think it'd be any improvement over the factory belt. The flat ribbed belt would be considered an upgrade on a contractor-style saw that uses standard V-belts. (I use link belts on my jointer and drill press, so I'm familiar with them and the improvement they can provide.)

    Is there a problem you're trying to solve by changing the belt? Maybe there's another way to handle it.
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