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Thread: camera help

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    camera help

    My old Olympus 510 bit the dust. I am in the market for a new digital camera. I am NOT a camera buff. I am told that I want some manual control over color balance, f stops, exposure, and zoom range/focus. I also want to stay nearer $100 as opposed to, say $150.

    I need to take pictures of the storm damage for insurance purposes. Later I will need it for proof positive of whatever I say I am doing on this forum.

    So what do you have and what do you suggest? I know enough to go to and to for shopping, but how about some help of what I am shopping for, as in make and model?

    Thanks all.

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    This should be good for what you need.Link
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    Looks like Kalea nailed it!
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    After going through several makes and models of P&S digi cams for my wife I got her a Nikon Cool Pix and it is just fine in all respect.
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    i have a canon powershot 160 but it comes in a tad higher in cost than kalea choice..its a touch larger frame than the cool pix and fits me but the cool pix fits in a pocket easier.. smaller frame. also the one i saw has a slow flash to snap delay// but that may be the way its setup.. not sure if you have stabilizing in the cool pix but that is handy if you have any nervous twitches ...
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    I have a secondhand Canon S500 which has been absolutely stellar. My family has owned lots of Canon products, and aside from a few very cheap models from the "A" series, they've all been terrific.

    If you don't mind buying used, the old Powershots - say, a G3 - can give some very good pictures and are extremely reliable.

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    Cameras in the $100.00 range can be a very good camera. You may not get all the things you want. I would look at the Fuji 220. Sells for about 99.00 at Wal Mart. Small, easy to use and has a very good close up mode. Canon has been a good camera for a long time not to many complaints about them. Nikon, Casio and even the better Kodaks should be considered. There is a lot to look at, have fun looking.

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    I'm a Canon user, but have a Nikon 230 for my wife. She's been very happy with it. She found the Nikon easier to use than the Canons we looked at.

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    I used a Fuji Finepix s700 I got second hand at a camera shop for $80. I upgraded to a Nikon D90. A little more than you want to spend. Check pawn shops also.

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    Camera purchase is on hold. Couple of reasons. To get the manual controls I need to photograph my work. My budget has gone up to $200 (or more). I am not a photo buff and rarely remember to take snapshots of events. I need the camera for work shots, web work, and prints (not large).

    Currently comparing Canon SD780 and Panasonic XS series. Opento suggestion for others.
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