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Thread: potpourri bowls

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    potpourri bowls

    Two segmented potpourri bowls. They are both 61 pieces of wood. One is curly maple and walnut and the other one is purpleheart. The maple has 2 coats of antique oil and just needs to be buffed, while the purpleheart does not have any finish on it. I am waiting a few days for it to turn back to purple again. They were both made from the same plans, but turned out differently, as I used 3/4" thick wood on one and 1" thick wood on the other.
    Critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking!
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    Very beautiful. Great job. The maple and walnut are a great combination


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    Both look great. I like the shape of the maple/walnut bowl more than than the Pupleheart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Madha View Post
    Both look great. I like the shape of the maple/walnut bowl more than than the Pupleheart.
    I agree with Mohammad. Your joints look squeaky tight, too. Great work.

    Sorta of funny...I make a few potpourri bowls to offer as my low-end products, since I can knock one out in about 30 to 45 minutes. Obviously, there's nothing low-end about these segmented ones. Very well done, Robert.
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    very nice robert and another vote for the maple and walnut,, they go well together..and very well done on the glue joints..they look like they grew that way
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    Robert both those are beauties. Well done.
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    Both are beautiful but the maple one is my favorite as well
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