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    Brad Nailer

    Looking for some upgrade advice. I purchased a craftman electric brad nailer from Sears. For the miost part, it works ok. Occasionally, however, it will seem to deflect and exit narrow pieces at an angle damaging the board. Just wondering if this is an issue with all nailers or if I should consider going with a pneumatic? I am consdiering a comporessor for finishing so it may make sense to do both if the results will likley be better.

    thanks in advance

    Sal Cangialosi

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    never used an electric nailer
    any nail can "blow-out".
    a heavier guage wire will be less likely to blow-out.
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    +1 for what Tod said.
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    thanks for the advice. looks like I need to start researching a compressor and nailer.

    Sal Cangialosi

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